Great Old Railroad Sign

ROAD…from a RAILROAD CROSSING sign.  Clear glass marbles acted as reflectors. July 12 016

Doll’s Head Mold

Plastic Doll’s Head Mold with steel frame. July 12 012

18th Cen. Rhode Island Chest

whale bone 006

Folk Art Canadian Game Board

Great Folk Art game board. Original mustard and red ochre paint. 1900-30’s. 22’X 17″ . Doublesided.513   3 002

Windmill Weight Concrete Football

Concrete Football. A great piece of American folk art. It was used as a counterweight in a windmill.  Most windmill weights you see are cast iron, and in the from of farm animals. The horse, rooster, Bull,etc. There were only two windmill weights made in concrete. One is the football shown here and the other is the Civil War battleship Monitor, a very rare form.web 513 004

Compass Trade Sign

Trade Sign of a Compass possibly for an architect’s or drafting business. Original paint.

Size: 26″  3 1/2 ” deep

folk table 007


folk table 004Probably Lawn Ornaments. Came out of Maine. The man who made them was inspired by the discovery of the South Pole and the especially by the birds who can swim and live in Antarctica.

Size: 25″ tall  26″ wide. base is 4″ thick

Price: $365

Whimsical Green Table

Whimsical Folk Art Table.

Size:25″ tall top is 12″ square

Price: $235folk table 001

Goose Decoy

Goose Decoy. Interesting Pattern on the wings.  Beautifully carved head.


dec 26 2012 060


Great Painted Concrete Dog

Dalmation . Only one I’ve ever seen like this.  Originally a garden ornament, I’m upgrading it to folk art!

Size: 25″ ta;; X 26″ back to front


Folk Art Root Chair

Great pice of Americana. Root chair. Probably 1920’s . Very sturdy and comfortable. Furniture that is beautiful sculpture as well.