Very Beautiful WPA Sculpture of Noah

Beautiful WPA Sculpture representing Noah by Charles Rudy. This plaster version is the signed original. There is another larger version 13 feet high carved from white limestone  for the Bronx Post Office which was installed in 1938 and is still there..  Rudy’s work is a focal point of federal buildings all across the United States. Charles Rudy. Chales Rudy exhibited at the Whitney Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago , the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C. and the Philadelpia Academy of Fine Art among many others.IMG_20150429_100917 (1546x1546) (1)

Early Drafting Table All Cast Iron Base

drafting table 001 (1546x1031)drafting table 001 (1546x1031)drafting table 003 (1546x1031)drafting table 002 (1546x1031) drafting table 004 (1031x1546)

Barn Sign 1930’s

It’s the whole side of a red barn from Kentucky. 25 feet  tall 25 feet wide.  Painted with the iconic “Mail Pouch Tobacco”.  The whole sign reads “Chew…Mail Pouch….Tobacco….treat yourself to the very best…”.  This is truly a piece of America.  You need a large space to display all of it.  Some of the border, about 2 1/2 feet on each side of the sign is not shown.  The top letters of the sign overlap the bottom boards.IMG_4379

Clock Face Original Paint

Giant Clock Face Wamsutta Mills New Bedford. The Wamsutta Mills was the first mill building in New England. Built in 1847.  This is an historically significant piece.  72″ diameter.

All Original Paint on wood .1880’s.

12′ Gold Clock Arm

clock arm 12' 004

Carved Wooden Gargoyles

004Carved Wooden Gargoyles.  By a master carver meant to be seen from below at a distance. They came from an estate on Fishers Isalnd, N. Y. Circa 1900-1920.

19th Cen. Painted Drafting Table

This 19th century single post drafting tablle has wonderfully aged and cracjled gray paint over its wood top and cast iron legs.

Height is adjustable top is 29″ X 21inches


Terra Cotta Lion Head

Terra Cotta Lion Head

6″ x6″ cube

Price:$150jan 2 023

Plaster Medallion

Beautiful fragment from a grand movie palace in Rhode Island. Circa 1920-30. The theater was demolished. 

Size: Diameter is 32 inches.